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From: Sat 06 January 2018

Category: Self

Tags: newblog

I've had my blog hosted on svble for a few years now. Since I have to visit a website and interrupt my command-line driven workflow, it's been difficult to remember that I want to write posts for this blog. My preferred writing environment is vim and having to copy/paste from vim into a website is No Fun (TM). So! I have moved everything to be static markdown files in a git repository that are compiled by the Pelican static site generator to produce the blog you're reading right now. I chose pelican because I'm already very familiar with the jinja2 markup language, which is used within pelican to render templates for the pages on this site. Hopefully this will lower the barrier for me to produce quality content while making it easier for others to read and subscribe!

The old copy of my blog lives here, for now.