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From: Fri 15 August 2014

Category: Self

Tags: svbtle-migrated

As an amateur web developer, I've started to grow tired of my amateur solutions to blogging. I started out with a simple static site (the CSS seems to be messed up on, publishing my thoughts there as html files I linked to from my homepage, written by hand. As I started having more thoughts, I made a php-based blogging system that read in markdown files, and generated a blog based on their most recent modification date from my filesystem. That system got rapidly unwieldy after I started to add other features, like indexing and archiving old posts.

So, I've decided to move onto a third-party blogging platform, svbtle. I like it so far: it has a very clean and distraction-free interface, and the draft system seems like a neat way to organize things. Now that I don't have to worry about overhead for managing the blog, I'm going to have more fun with writing these posts. Let's enjoy it together.