My name is James Luck, and this is my website.
I'm a programmer and systems operator steeped in unix. I write programs in many languages to solve specific problems and improve my daily life. I'm fascinated by computer science and have a degree in it. I work as a site reliability engineer for LinkedIn, you can view my profile below. My job gives me lots of practice with working on and debugging distributed systems.
My main areas of growth are:
  • Distributed Systems
  • Computer & Network Security
  • Functional Programming
I want to get as good as I possibly can at all of these.
I love the philosophy and politics behind open-source software. I use open-source tools to do all of my serious computing. I was president of a Linux Users' Group for a few years. I try to make everything I write for fun available for free. Here's some of it.
Find me other places!
echo 'nv(qznvhofxp)xln' | tr "$(echo {z..a} | tr -d ' ')()" 'a-z@.' # email
Oh also- Here's my résumé(pdf).